who am I?



I control the time you get up in the morning, the way you feel when you get up, the time you go to sleep, and the way you feel when you go to sleep.

I control what you eat and drink and do every day, and the way that you do it.

I control how you feel, be it cheerful or miserable, up or down.

I control what you think, be it good or bad, positive or negative.

And despite controlling your whole life, I am seldom considered or even thought about. Because you don’t think of me. Instead you point the finger at someone or something else. The state of the economy, or your parents, or your boss. It’s their fault.

If you do take the time to really consider the impact I have on your life, you will soon realise that I am your friend. I am positive, upbeat, and strong. I am a champion for who you are and what you can do. And like the mighty climbers of Everest, I will make sure that no person or obstacle stands in the way of your goals and dreams.

Yep, you guessed it. I am your attitude.


jump into life



An eagle is born, dependent upon its mother for food.

The mother eventually entices the eagle out of the nest by flying next to it with some food in her mouth. She feeds it, moving the food farther away until the eaglet leaps, unknowing, from the nest.

It starts falling fast, like a rock, thirty-two feet per second, per second, and there is no turning back, ever.

In the fall the eagle discovers for itself what it can or cannot do.

Maybe there’s a lesson in this for us safer living creatures. Just think, if we jump into life like a baby eagle, what a life that would be.


the story of the eagle



Once a farmer found an abandoned eagle’s nest and in it was an egg, still warm. He took the egg back to his farm and laid it in the nest of one of his hens. The egg hatched and the baby eagle grew up along with the other chickens. It pecked about the farmyard, scrabbling for grain. It spent its life walking and running around with the other chickens, and rarely looked up.

When the eagle was very old, one day it lifted up its head and saw above it a wonderful sight – an eagle soaring high above in the sky. Looking at it, the old bird sighed and mumbled to itself, “Shit, if only I’d been born an eagle”.

Photo by Jarrad Seng

no fucks given

A lone man refusing to do the Nazi salute, 1936


This photo was taken at the launch of a German army ship in 1936 by Der Fuhrer.

And there, right in the middle of the ardent “Sieg Heils”, stands August Landmesser. Arms folded. Head titled upwards. Slightly apart from the others. An expression on his face that pretty much says, “No fucks given”.

August’s story is well and widely known. No matter. It needs to be told over and over again, because we need more people to be like him. To think for themselves. To believe in themselves. To stand up for themselves. Even if your life depends on it.


walking alone



She notices the people partying in a small sports bar across the street.

They’re cheering, laughing and chatting. They look so alive. She wants to cross the street and join these people just to connect with them – to be a part of something.

But a subtle voice that comes from within – that whispers from the open wounds in her heart – holds her back from doing so.

So she keeps walking. Alone.

Girl walking on summer path

mind and soul



The job of your mind is to make sure that your body is kept safe and alive, so that you may use it to do what you came here to do.

The job of your soul is to make sure that your mind always knows what YOU came here to do, and does not get caught up in its own bullshit world of success and looking good.


what you see is how it is



A shoe factory sends two marketing scouts to a region of North Africa to study the prospects for expanding business. One sends back an email saying:


The other writes back triumphantly:


Ha! It’s all in the mind’s eye of the beholder.